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AMS Neve 8424

Studio Console 24 Ch., 4 Busses, 1073 Preamps

The AMS Neve 8424 console’s slick design fits the needs of the modern hybrid studio, featuring multi-DAW automation & unparalleled connectivity to your favourite outboard gear. Supreme sound quality is ensured by combining modern and vintage Neve topology, including voltage mixing through Marinair® transformers, made famous in the early 80-series consoles.

The AMS Neve 8424 console is designed to meet the needs of modern analog-digital hybrid studios, connecting your recording room and analog equipment to your converter system. The console naturally offers top-notch sound quality with Neve 80-series preamps, Marinair transformers in every conceivable location, and extensive routing options.

The 8424 not only supports dual-layer operation, which allows mixing of up to 48 mono tracks by means of a 2nd channel input, but also combines the playback section with the normal channel strips by means of a 3rd channel input.

In this way, the functional range of a battleship of 72 channels is reduced to living room size; by means of digitally monitored electronics and Total Recall, the user comfort is maintained.

The AMS Neve 8424 also includes, in a separate section, two 1073 pre-amps, two DI pre-amps and two 500 slots with almost any routing. The 1073s and the 500 slots also have separate inputs and outputs.

AMS Neve 8424 Console Features:

  • 24 mono channels, each with A/B source selections, direct output and 100mm faders
  • 4 mono groups, each with 2-band mono EQ and 100mm faders
  • 1 stereo mix with Marinair® transformers, with 2-band stereo EQ, width control and 100mm fader
  • 3 auxiliary sends, 2 stereo reverb returns with send to cue and 1 cue send
  • 2 x 1073® mic/line preamps with Marinair® transformers and smart routing
  • 2 independent Hi z DI inputs with smart routing
  • 2 x 500-series slots with smart routing
  • Balanced inserts on all channels, insert can be set on the channel path or second input
  • Balanced inserts on groups and stereo mix
  • Stereo external input and Imon stereo external input via 3.5mm jack
  • 3 selectable stereo speaker sets and 2 engineer headphone outputs
  • LED level meters per channel, with selectable large stereo backlit VU moving-coil meters
  • In-line mode when tracking, 48 input mode when mixing
  • Recall - save console snapshots and store for later recall
  • Elegant smart routing and full-featured solo system
  • Comprehensive talkback system, RTB mic with integrated compressor, integrated oscillator
  • Extensive connectivity on rear of console, integrated power supply and cable tie bar

Factory-Fit 8424 Options:

  • 8424 console with motorised faders & 1073OPX Octal mic preamp unit
  • 8424 console with 6 x 1073OPX Octal mic preamp unit
  • 8424 console with motorised faders
  • Motor fader with DAW integration (connection via USB)
  • Add pair of 2264ALB 500-series limiter/compressor modules
  • Add pair of 1073LBEQ 500-series EQ modules
  • Pair of Loudspeaker Platform Shelves (raised)
  • Pair of Loudspeaker Shelves (flat with rubber bungs)
  • Pair of Loudspeaker Shelves (flat)
  • Console Stand
  • Protective Cover
PRICE EXL VAT: 20.550,00 €
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