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D&R Airlab DT

Analogue Broadcast Radio On-Air Console

The AIRLAB DT radio ON-AIR console is an extremely reliable solution for applications where features and functions has to be weighed up against operational simpllicity. It's analog, digitally controlled signal path is the best solution of both worlds to achieve a reliable workhorse under any condition. It is a modular, digitally controlled, analogue broadcast mixing console that can be configured using a selection of a number of various modules to meet your studio's specific needs. It is also a completely very reliable modular design which is unique for any combination of the available input modules.

With over 1.000 units in the field, the Airlab DT has proven to be a successful centerpiece in many ON-Air studios. A simple direct accessible control surface combined with intelligent instantly reset able digital functions enables customizing to station requirements and even to personal requirements because of the use of a personalized chip card holding all important functional data. Programming of module and master functions is done completely digital while the audio path is reliable analogue. Combining the best of both worlds in analogue design and digital control.

Purchasing choices are staightforward: the welded steel frame will accommodate a maximum of 16 triple input modules, which could include an unlimited number of Telco modules (up to 16 of course) plus the master section with script space. There is a control module available to control Play-out systems over USB and this module takes 2 positions. The main outputs are electronically balanced and the majority of connectors are on balanced XLRs.

Metering is software based and runs over a PC that is connected using a single USB cable that also streams the 4 USB audio channels returning from play-out systems.

A maximum of 16 modules can be installed in a frame.

The following modules can be installed:

  • Triple input modules with EQ: offering 1 x MIC plus A and B line inputs. The A line input is a balanced stereo input. The B line input is unbalanced and can accept RIAA pre-amps as option.
  • Triple Digital input with EQ: offering 1 x MIC and Dig-A (AES3) and Dig-B (S/P-dif) line inputs. The Dig-A input is a transformer balanced AES3 input (24bit, 32-96kHz, 110ohm). The Dig-B input is unbalanced S/P-dif input (24bit, 32-96kHz, 75ohm).
  • Telco (N-1) module including Telephone Hybrid. Offering: a complete built in analogue Hybrid for communication with the caller and all persons using the console (i.e. DJ, Engineer, guests, and announcer by way of an intelligent CUE system.) This module also has a cleanfeed output for external GSM or Digital Hybrids.
  • VoIP (N-1) module including its own USB PC connection and an build in Clean Feed output for external (GSM/Digital) Hybrids. Offering: a complete built in VoIP circuitry for communication with the caller and all persons using the console (i.e. DJ, Engineer, guests, and announcer by way of an intelligent CUE system.).
  • USB input module for returning 4 stereo audio signals from the PC over 1 USB cable for play-out systems. USB Control Module to directly control, from the mixing console surface, many functions of the play-out system.
  • Outputs are provided for Main out, Studio out, CRM out, REC out, Cue out, PROG out, SUB out, Stereo AUX. Guest, Announcer and Studio. Also a digital AES 3 output is available as option.

Pre-configured Options Available

  • 8 Triple Inputs 
  • 4 USB Triple Inputs 
  • 2 Telco modules
  • 1 Control module 
  • Software metering
PRICE EXL VAT: 5.600,00 €
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