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RCS FMX-3202

32 Ch. Mixer Console

The RCS FMX-3202 Analog Console offers 24 Mono Input Channels, with a MIC over XLR. The Mono channels 1-24 have amplification for MIC Gain" and for LINE "Trim, and 3-band EQ with CH semi parametric. Middle and low-cut switch (18dB/oct. @ 75Hz). CH 25/26 to 31/32 are equipped with line-level switch (+4 dBm/-10dBV) and 3-band channel EQ. 

  • Panorama of mono and balance control per channel for stereo serve for the desired sound distribution.
  • Preview of all channels and listen to your tape input, Group 1-2, Group 3-4, Main L / R, AFL / PFL is possible via an adjustable headphone output.
  • The mixer has 6 aux sends per Channel (2 pre, 2 Pre-/Post- (switchable) and 2 post-fader) and allocation selector CH-Mute, Sub 1/2, Sub 3/4 and main L / R. Channels 1-24 insert for PRE-Fader/PRE-EQ and master insert for L & R for inserting external signals.
  • A talk-back mic input (XLR) with button is switched to the Aux 1/2-Wegen and / or to the master bus. - Phantom power on all mic inputs (+48 V DC) blocks can be activated (CH 1-8, CH 9-16 and 17-24).


  • The Main Output provides stereo output jacks on 2 x XLR balanced or unbalanced which can be 2 x 6.3 mm jack to using stereo master fader (L + R) supply via LED meters.
  • 4 sub-groups output jacks (. 6.3 mm jack unbalanced) can be separately via Group faders control 1-4 and L / R switch separately to the master bus.
  • Master send controls for Aux 1-6 with solo feature and solo-meter LED available. - In addition, the mixer offers 4 adjustable stereo aux returns (L = mono) Aux 3 of them switched on Main Group and Aux 4 switchable to Aux 1 send.
  • Solo function Global Aux Return is used to listening to all stereo aux returns. - 2 RCA input jacks with level control, switchable to master and two RCA output jacks are for 2 TR IN / OUT (L / R) are available. 


  • Two stereo output jacks for Control Room output.
  • Push-on for a BNC gooseneck lamp.
  • Separately adjustable mono main out (XLR, balanced) as additional output (eg for subwoofer).
  • 100 mm HQ faders controls. 


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