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AIRCAST is a light-weight, full-featured radio automation system for Microsoft Windows. It is targeted at small and medium-sized stations and for both terrestrial and Internet-based broadcast.It offers features often only found in some high priced, high-end professional packages.

AIRCAST was designed to be as flexible and customizable as possible.

It works with standard PC hardware, supports virtually any soundcard and offers an unbelieveable smooth integration with the AiIRLITE AIRENCE , AIRLAB-DT AND AXUM mixers.

You could see it as the ideal solution if you’re looking into upgrading your studio with a decent digital radio automation system perfectly matching with D&R’s broadcast mixers with integrated and dedicated control sections for AIRCAST.


  • Playlist, Cartwall, Cue Editor, Mix Editor, events, screen objects, file logging
  • Stream/line-in playback, special playlist items, layout/skin, HTTP/SQL logging
  • Voice tracking, mixdown, scripting
  • Built-in Shoutcast/Icecast compatible streaming encoder
  • VST, Winamp DSP
  • Database and Scheduling (standalone/local mode), music scheduling
  • Ad scheduler, log import from 3rd party music/traffic schedulers, voice tracking
  • PostgreSQL/MSSQL backend, Auto Importer; no multi-station or server/proxy
  • Hotkeys, gamepad/joystick, IO-Warrior, MIDI, Velleman
  • Networked SQL backend, multi-station, DB server/proxy, Auto Importer
  • Remote Control - Analog Broadcast Mixers  - D&R products only, D&R AIRLITE, AIRENCE, AIRLAB DT
  • Remote Control - Digital Broadcast Mixers  - - MambaNet only


PRICE EXL VAT: 595,00 €
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