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OnAir Radio is a fully integrated radio automation software system. OnAir Radio contains everything you need to run your radio station: a play-out, a music scheduler, multiple carts, a jingle machine, an audio logger, an extensive music library, a crossover editor and integrated RDS.

It is a highly automated system, making your operation very efficient. Besides automating radio stations of all sizes, OnAir Radio excels in managing multiple stations and in the broadcasting of different commercial blocks to different regions.


  • OnAir Radio is an extremely reliable system and has a very user friendly user interface.
  • OnAir Radio is completely integrated and all functions can be automated to a very high degree, making it a system which is easy to operate and to maintain.
  • OnAir Radio can be connected to different kinds of hardware and consoles, both analogue or completely digital over TCP/IP.
  • OnAir Radio is perfectly suited to do play out and scheduling for multiple stations.
  • With the Commercial Player system it is easy to broadcast the same music everywhere and to ingest localized content like news, commercials or localized jingles.


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